Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have you ever...

Really sat down and thought about the people in you’re life. How you met, when you met, and how you really, truly, feel about them? It’s a silly thing sometimes, when something in your life occurs and you have to step back and just think about it. Although I personally tend to over think things to an extreme. The past year, two thousand and eight, was a roller coaster of up’s and downs. It had started with the lowest of possible lows, did some loops, and ended with a sincere high, but with the inevitable heartbreak that always seems to come.
Sometimes I wonder if some people in my life care about me(or at least feel the same way about me) as much as I do to them. Actions and sayings seem to rarely coincide and it’s the most frustrating thing ever. Two thousand and nine will be the year that I state how I feel more often, and not keep anything inside. It’s not worth it to waste emotions and feelings on people, if they aren’t going to do the same. It’s simple to think about really, if the feelings are all out in the open, how will it all turn out in the end?

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